Who we are?

Here on www.raf-ultra.co.uk you can find useful information and tips about cycling, organizing routes by bike, dedicated servers, and personal experience of each of you, who want to share it with us. In our articles we’ll try to systematize most important steps, to give you accurate and contemporary information about the trends, the basic moments and all these parts of your trip that you are sure that will be forgotten.
And to make sure that all of you will see this post and will remember the basic points, in this really first category we’ll try to create a list of Must to take things:
1. What to wear: waterproof top, T-shirts, pants, socks, trainers, hoodies, hat, gilet
2. Safety and personal care: sunglasses towel tooth brush and paste, anti bac hand wash wet wipes nurofen vitamins sun cream
3. Equipment: light, sleeping bag, cutlery set, cup, knife, matches, spray for flat tire
4. Documents: passport, credit card, medical documents, insurance docs
5. Electronics: mobile phone, camera, usb chargers
The list above is not pretend to be completely so it could be filled with every suggestion of useful and needed goods. The team of raf-ultra.co.uk will research for relevant information that will help you during preliminary activities for preparing a bike trip.