One of us

Which is the better way to introduce who we, team, are? Just imagine a person who really loves adventures and ultimate experience by bike. Let call him Ralph. Ralph is one of the people who proudly declare that the bike is their best friend. According to him, every person who has a physical health should ride at least once a week. Ralph himself is proud of her body, but does not hide that only cycling will create a perfect constitution, but want more exercise, demanding all muscle groups, not just the feet.
Ralph regularly organizes various tours around the country, which may include anyone who want. Ralph proudly says that has not happened to him to have incidents with the wheel in the city, more conflicts with other road users. And recommend to everyone to be more courageous and not be so afraid that something bad will happen to them on the street.

Does someone of you recognize yourself? Probably most of you are. Because is the on-line place for this entire type people. We wish Ralph luck can still flawless and still committed to the wheel and to attract others to our common mission for more cyclists!