How to organize a bike trip

Taking the decision to go on a trip with your bike has to be seriously considerate. Most important part is to plan a track accordantly to the weather conditions – even you previously don’t predict to have an ultra experience biking though a snow storm, for example. Carefully study the route and its features - not only from a geographical point of view (tilt, height, nature of terrain and climate), but the infrastructure as a whole - the state of the road surface, presence of bicycle lanes (if you go through the village) or clearings,, trails and special trails (if you are in nature). no matter in what time of year you choose to do Cycling, choose a route with designated accommodation and shelters, or one that you already know to be able to react in emergencies. Whether on a hot summer day will look for shade from the scorching sun, or had to hide from the heavy rain caught up with you, it is good at any time to know at what distance you can find shelter. And last but not least – no matter that you’re going to do your daily velo route or will made a long tour, don’t forget to take a bottle of water!